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Stylist as a Service

Our pool of talented stylists with the support of advanced AI tools can translate the cultural and brand principles of your company to a set of  styling guidelines that every team member can follow

A unique offering for your company

Our services are tailored to your needs

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Fashion Business Canvas

Taking into account your company’s vision, mission, key values, and north star, we create one of a kind fashion business canvas for the entire organization

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Stylist as a Perk

Using our service you can offer to your precious employes a unique perk that will cover their personal styling needs 24/7

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Custom Stylist Services

If you are looking for a  personal stylist, a fashion designer, a personal shopper, or even a style mentor, our agile offering can be tailor-made to your specific needs

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Why you should care

Because light travels quicker than sound, people are seen before they are heard.

That is why, even before a person utters a word their appearance tells a much about them in terms of their competence, perceived level of intelligence, affability, self-esteem, self-confidence, success, authority and beliefs... (Ninette Pongo)

Meet our happy customers

StylistaaS has managed to increase our conversion rate by 17,3% from day one! At the same time, our customers are spending more time in our e-shop and their overall returns are decreased

We have been working with the SylistaaS team for the last 3 years and we cannot consider our company without this amazing service anymore.
The idea to offer personal stylist as a perk to our team members was a game-changer for liateR

Georgia Choli
Chief Retail Officer at esportmania

Antonis Argyros
CEO at liateR

The incredible team of StylistaaS has been very responsive and able to provide the support we need under every circumstance.
Having them onboard brings us peace of mind

We had the pleasure to work with StylistaaS into 18 events and workshops in the last 12 months and every time they are managing to under-promise and over-deliver. Again and again and again ...
Kudo to this marvelous team

Vikram Solid 
VP Marketing at Airetl

Dennis Franke
Head of Sales at BusinessFashionEvents

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