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Do you want a whole new makeover to feel great about yourself?

When you become a mom, appearance
is not the number one priority.

With all the changes your body and your lifestyle go through it can be
easy to lose the sense of your personal style.
Even more if you are a working mom and your time is limited.

There’s no point in sitting around waiting
for your body to be as it was before.

You have to do your best to be healthy and in shape but you have
to realize that your figure is different now and you should dress to suit your new shape.
StylistaaS team will help you to accept your new body shape and begin with a new chapter in your

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Women are multifunctional!
We can be career women, wives, house keepers and of course moms! And all these at the same time,
and with a great success! Despite all these challenges, we have to pay attention in our image as well. Appearance is important fora woman.

However, after being moms things are becoming complicated.
Μotherhood changes our figure.

Body has to deal with many changes after pregnancy, personal time is
extremely limited, lifestyle is completely different and of course appearance is not a number one
priority anymore.

All these changes are in consequence of losing our feminine side and our

But sitting around waiting for our body to be as it was before it’s pointless.

It’s time to take action!

We have to accept our new figure and reconsider the way we see ourselves.

We have to do our best to
be healthy and in shape but we also have to realize that we have a new figure and instead of being
disappointed about that see it as a chance for a transformation.

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