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5 Ways to Empower and Support Women in Business

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

1. Offer her support

Offer support to all women, including the “strong ones” to start a business and grow or scale it. Running your own business or becoming an entrepreneur is no easy undertaking and at every new stage, there are challenges that present themselves. Support a woman starting a business, endorse her, empower her, invest in her or mentor her.

2. Provide a spotlight

Give her a spotlight and an opportunity to speak. Women are often held back by fear of speaking up or sharing their views because for far too long women were not validated or not heard. In board rooms, meetings, workplaces or homes. This needs to change, from men’s perspective as well as women. As women, we can also offer each other the opportunity to speak, pass on the mic and let another woman shine.

3. Share empowering information

Share information that will empower her and support her in her endeavors. Access to information and knowledge is so important for growth and success. If you have access to information or tools, let another woman in business know. Share knowledge widely. You never know who may be in need of this information that to you may seem worthless, for another, it could change their life.

4. Create inclusive spaces

Invite women in business to be part of networks and communities, like Women in Business. Invite them into conversations where opportunities and deals are happening. This is so crucial, to look out for women and be an ally to another female, who you know is ambitious and ready to receive an opportunity. If you find yourself in a community or a room where opportunities are discussed or deals are being made, invite others. The power of collaboration is far stronger than the fear of competition.

5. Help her feel safe

Create a safe and supportive environment for women to flourish. More and more women have been seeking women-only communities where they feel safe and supported. This is a clear indication that “a man’s world” has not been so supportive or fostering for women, hence the huge rise in women-led communities. It is time we start to create environments for women to flourish not just within safe environment of women but everywhere that a woman goes.



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