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What's not to love about shopping?

Well, a lot of things. Between the fluorescent lighting that makes you question your self-esteem to the fancy bags that cut off all blood flow to your hands, "retail therapy" means something completely different to those of us who dread the event. But don't fret—there are plenty of anti-shoppers out there who feel the same way.

These are some reasons why people really hate shopping:

-Shopping centers are WAY too big. A lot of walking and lifting is required you basically don’t have to work-out for the rest of the week. It takes forever to get from one end to the other and the shopping bags tend to be heavy

-There are so many choices that you break out into a cold sweat.

-Trying things on is the stuff of nightmares.

-You're either targeted or ignored by salespeople.

-It can feel like you're in a minefield of special offers.

-Searching 256 sales racks for the one thing you need is a completely exhausting waste of time.

But you can avoid all of these if you choose a personal stylist who can come with you for shopping or even better he can make all the shopping FOR you!

There are always options!!!

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