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What work bag should I have?

Heading into work (especially when you live in a city) is such an ordeal — you’re carrying so many important things with you (laptop, confidential documents, phone, a billion charging cords, keys, workout clothes, lunch, and enough hair ties to outfit a small army), and you want to get everything to and from your destination in one well-packaged piece.

Work bags for women need to be sturdy (to carry all those important things), but they also need to be fashionable. Something like a tote bag is ideal and definitely on the right track, though you may want to go for one with a compartmentalized interior so that you can actually find things inside it and it’s more secure and safe on your commute.

The key is to choose a work bag that keeps you organized and complements your office outfit. A Reversible Leather Tote is also a good choice! These bags are all the rage right now, and easy to find. Often available in brown/black, brown/blue, white/black, black/red, and many other combinations, these types of bags are an excellent (and affordable) way to match your work bag to any outfit.

Instead of bringing multiple bags, opt for a bag large enough to hold your stuff. While you don't want to bring a huge bag (again, no gym bags, no duffel bags, no "weekenders"), carrying one large and organized bag is better than juggling multiple bags or stuffing a single bag full. If you're having trouble finding a bag that works for you, search specifically for laptop bags. While some are bulky and designed for travel, a more tailored look is better for work.


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