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Emotional exhaustion has consistently been a theme of interest for scholars, because it significantly impacts quality of work life and the optimization of organizational functions. Emotional exhaustion affects job performance, health, citizenship behavior, and voluntary turnover

Psychological safety
Psychological safety

Psychological safety describes how people think about the possible risks and consequences of interpersonal communication they face in a specific environment, such as a workplace. It is an essential factor which makes people feel safe and have the ability to change their behavior to face up with shifting organizational challenges

The loss spiral referenced in COR theory states that investment becomes more difficult when individuals lose resources , such as in a changing environment. The loss of resources brings stress, leading to an iterative spiral.

During this stress iteration process, individuals and organizations will lack the resources to effectively accommodate the further loss of resources, causing the momentum and amplitude of the loss spirals to rapidly increase .

This eventually leads to emotional exhaustion. But psychological safety, acting as a positive resource, helps people overcome the anxiety and defensiveness. Through the enhancement of psychological safety, psychological empowerment can prevent resource loss spirals. This alleviates the employee’s emotional exhaustion. Therefore, we hypothesized that psychological safety acts as mediator in a negative relationship between psychological empowerment and emotional exhaustion.

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Empowerment Consultation
focuses on you and your goals

Knowing yourself better is also being aware of your CORE QUALITIES, PRIORITIES AND DREAMS
(even the ones you don’t remember anymore or you already given up reaching).
It also involves giving respect to your strengths and weakness, passions and fears, your desire and dreams, your thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes and what you tolerate and limitations and also equally important - not being attached by them

The need of wellbeing
not only in the personal life but in work environment is steadily increasing.

Stress – Unemployment – lack of Confidence and no Vision.
All these drives to Failure and Depression.
Wellness both in personal and professional life is not a luxury, is a real need. Especially in our times,
people are struggling for their physical and mental health. They need guidance and support based to
their own needs, their own personality, and their own characteristics.

The first session is free of charge.

Make your appointment soon! 

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Our talented pool of stylists

Our talented pool of stylists
(experts in different fields like stylists, image-makers, psychologists,
business and life coaches, hairstylists, personal trainers, make-up artists, dieticians, and many more)
based on personal needs, are forming a customized plan, according to each profile, personality,
characteristics, talents, professional background and career goals. Our professionals, working in
cooperation, guide our clients to set a vision, reaching personal prosperity, career success and a positive

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